1. falsehood, untruth, prevarication, fib, white lie, little white lie, quibble, Inf. taradiddle; equivocation, evasion, fencing, Euph. departure from the truth; falsity, fiction, falsification, invention, concoction, fabrication, half-truth, stretching of the truth; Inf. story, Inf. trumped-up story, Inf. tale, Inf. fairy tale; exaggeration, overstatement, coloring, magnification, enlargement, yarn, Inf. tall tale or story, Inf. cock-and-bull story, Inf. shaggy dog story, Inf. fish story, Sl. garbage, Sl. moonshine, Sl. hogwash, Sl. bull, Sl. crap, Sl. baloney.
2. misrepresentation, perversion, distortion, corruption; inaccuracy, misconstruction, slanting, straining, torturing; canard, rumor, hoax, forgery; monstrous lie, the big lie, mendacity, Sl. whopper, Sl. barefaced lie, Sl. dirty lie, Sl. shameless lie; defamation, scandal, traducement, calumny, calumniation.
3. give the lie to
contradict, deny, disaffirm, gainsay, impute, controvert, dispute; oppose, counter; dissent, differ, challenge, impugn; rebut, refute; disprove, overthrow, negate, confute, belie.
4. tell a lie or falsehood, prevaricate, stretch the truth; fib, mince the truth, tell a white lie; equivocate, euphemize, evade, sidestep; fabricate, invent, manufacture, make up, trump up, cook up, Inf. make out of whole cloth; fake, dissemble, feign, pretend, let on, put on.
5. falsify, belie, misrepresent; pervert, twist, distort, strain, warp, slant, color; gild, varnish, gloss, doctor, dress up, embellish, embroider, exaggerate, inflate, blow up, puff up, magnify, enlarge on, Inf. pile or lay it on, Inf. lay it on thick, carry too far; boast, brag, Inf. talk through one's hat.
6. mislead, deceive, lead up the garden path, throw off the scent, put [s.o.] on a false scent, drag or draw a red herring across the trail; misinform, give [s.o.] a bum steer, pull the wool over [s.o.'s] eyes.
7. lie in one’s throat
lie grossly or maliciously, slander, defame, libel, calumniate, traduce; perjure oneself, swear falsely, bear false witness; lie through one's teeth, lie like a trooper, lie like a rug; speak with forked tongue, Inf. tell the big lie.
1. recline, be prostrate, be recumbent, be supine; rest, repose, relax; sprawl, loll, laze, lounge, slouch, slump.
2. rest horizontally, be level, be plane, be flat.
3. remain quiet, be immobile, be inactive; continue, abide, wait.
4.Usu. lie on or upon
rest, press, weigh; burden, strain, oppress, encumber, handicap, overwhelm.
5. be situated, be placed, be located, be found, be positioned; be buried, be interred.
6.Usu. lie in
consist, inhere, be present, exist

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